Tri Boro is maintaining the philosophy people helping people to the fullest extent possible. As you all know everyone has been impacted worldwide at different levels. Our first actions have been for the safety and welfare of our members and staff. Now our focus will be to help those that have hardships over temporary or permanent job loss or income reductions. These offers are expected not to be abused by those who are not financially impacted.  With this in mind we have put together the following offers:


VISA Credit Card Skip a Pay 

This offer is for our Tri Boro VISA Credit Card.  If you qualify, your statement will show a zero amount due for your monthly payment for statements coming out in April and May.  You will also see the following message on your statement "YOU MAY SKIP THS MONTH'S MINIMUM PAYMENT ON YOUR ACCOUNT. FINANCE CHARGES WILL CONTINUE TO ACCRUE."  Please note those that pay their balance off each month or want to make a payment to reduce their balance, interest will continue to accrue if you do not pay off the balance.

If you are unsure about making your payment, please call our Collections Department directly at 412-205-5203.   


Consumer Loans & Real Estate Loans

This offer is for all of our Tri Boro loans.  We are offering an extension of payments for April, May, and June.  To take advantage of this offer click below on the form(s) required, or you may call  one of our branches.  At this time we will not charge a fee to extend the due date.  (The form may not be approved until you speak to a Tri Boro employee.)


Consumer Loan Form           Real Estate Loan Form


*If you have not made your March payment please contact our Collections Department at 412-205-5203 for further assistance. 

Please submit forms to our Loan Department or fax to 412-461-0842


CARES Act Suspends IRA RMD Rules in or for 2020

The CARES Act allows you to suspend all required minimum distributions (RMD) for plan participants, IRA owners, and beneficiaries for 2020.   

Normally you would be required if you were:

The CARES Act has fortunately suspended this.  This suspension also applies to RMD if you turned 70½ last year and did not take your initial RMD.  This would have applied for 2019 and you were required to take before April 1, 2020.  Thanks to the CARES Act this also is not required.  

For 2021, RMD rules will be applied as if nothing ever happened in 2020.  Contact your tax advisor for more information about RMD relief.

If you have already taken your 2020 RMD, please contact us.  

If you are not going to take your RMD distribution for 2020, please contact our Member Services department.  Phone: (412) 205-5200 or (412) 461-3018 x 281, Email:


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